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About US

Learn a little bit more about what makes Madcap Puppets a Cincinnati hometown favorite.

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Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Madcap Puppets is nationally recognized for engaging and original children’s theatre productions, as well as in-school educational programs that include performances, workshops and residencies.

Children’s learning experiences are enriched with performances based on world literature and cultures, thanks to our partnerships with schools and libraries across the country. Young audiences enjoy the collaborations with orchestras and cultural arts organizations, which allow us to bring a richly textured artistic experience to children and their families. These are powerful partnerships that provide an unforgettable, multi-level arts experience that opens potential for a lifetime of arts appreciation.

Nearly 15 years ago, the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra and Madcap Puppet Theatre put their heads together for a Christmas show that combined an originally conceived family theatre production with classical music. The natural compatibility of puppetry and music was obvious, hugely successful, and launched the development of Madcap’s collaborations with arts organizations around the country.


“ We really appreciate Madcap Puppets coming to our school year after year. Puppet theater is such a unique art form and not many companies do it. Our kids really connect with the puppets and talk about your shows for days afterwards."

Eisenhower Elementary

Fantastic Fairy Tales

" This show was a BLAST!"

Student of Gamble Montessori

Fantastic Fairy Tales

" Madcap is a MAJOR favorite around here. This year is the best yet! You guys are the best group yet at interacting with the kids and that's high praise!"

Jessamine County Public Library Staff



Our Staff

C. Renee Stoltzfus

Director of Madcap Puppets/ CLP Touring Division

Renee is honored to have been entrusted to lead Madcap Puppets into a new and exciting age. Renee graduated Summa Cum Laude from Ohio Northern University, where she received her BFA in Musical Theater and Communications. She has spent much of her career acting, dancing, and singing professionally at The Children's Theater of Cincnnati, The Warsaw Federal Incline Theater, The Carnegie, and The Aronoff Center for the Arts, but she now delights in creating theater designed specifically for young audiences.

As Renee heads the effort in writing, designing, and building new shows for Madcap, she aims to be creating stories that help children with expressing feelings, exploring relationships, and being adventurous, while building a blossoming imagination and love of theater. She hopes students will leave a Madcap show inspired to write and create their own stories.

Speaking of inspiration, Renee loves to spends her time hiking, playing strategy games, and samba dancing, but most enjoys spending time with her family and self-proclaimed "theater kid" daughter, Maia!

Renee is also the founder and Executive Director of a nonprofit called JoyBrasileira, which specializes in delivering Brazilian cultural arts education and entertainment to the city of Cincinnati and created the first ever Cincinnati Brazilian festival.

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Amanda Goodwin

Touring Puppeteer

Mandy is an actor, choreographer, and puppeteer. She most enjoyed her role as the gigantic Fish King in Madcap's When You Wish Upon a Fish last summer in 2023. She loves to create art of pretty much any kind, and just graduated with an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Wilmington College in Pennsylvania. 


Chance Kilgour

Touring Puppeteer

Chance is so excited to be working with Madcap yet again! Chance is an improvisor, actor, and puppeteer in Cincnnati. He's been working in puppetry for nearly ten years and has a PhD in being goofy! Chance is always down to play with puppets and tell stories! 

Dear Madcap,

Thank you for the amazing show. My favorite part was the witch melt and the flying monkey and the shiny shoes. 

Thank you for performing at Amelia.

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