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When classrooms or the stage lights are on, the learning and fun begins and our puppets are ready to shine!

With over 30 years in the theater business, Madcap has reached three generations of families with its larger-than-life puppets, unique sets and storytelling-with a twist! Madcap also offers workshops, camps, residencies and collaborates with arts organizations throughout our community.

By supporting Madcap Puppets you are helping to bring laughter and joy to thousands of Madcap fans. And by thousands, we mean 200,000 annually! What a great investment in education!

Thank you for considering a donation to Madcap Puppets. Here are examples of how your gift can help:


  • $25 Can help underwrite summer camp tuition for a child in need.
  • $50 Helps Madcap fill a tank of gas to keep the show on the road.
  • $75 Provides fabric, stuffing or hair for a new puppet.
  • $100 Helps Madcap keep performance fees low for  "at-risk" schools in your community.
  • $250 Madcap's new "Adopt a Puppet" program helps support the touring program and your puppet will send you exclusive communications from the road as they make children smile across the country!
  • Other Any gift is welcome and helps Madcap Puppets, as a non-profit organization, we provide programs and performances to the newest generation of puppet fans. 

Donate online now, or contact Spenser Smith for more information on how your support could impact a child's life.

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